August reads

I’m going to be pretty busy with writing stuff this year. And every year to come, if these plans go well. So I decided to take August off and just read stuff.

I made a collage of the books I’ve read so far:


I’m always, always 6 books behind my goal. No matter what I do, or how I speed-read–nope, 6 books behind.

Jane Eyre is still my favorite. The Fault in Our Stars was okay, but I thought I’d…

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#WIPpet Wednesday: a writing break

#WIPpet Wednesday: a writing break

I missed my post last Wednesday. I spent hours thinking, There’s SOMETHING important going on and I forgot, I really should write things in my planner. Well, I didn’t remember WIPpet Wednesday until I found someone else’s WIPpet on Thursday. I guess when you’re not writing, it’s easy to forget.

I have no real WIP this month. I’m taking a break because every great writer says I should. I’m not…

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a good story | august 2014

a good story | august 2014

Each leaf that fell sounded like a gentle voice urging one of us to say something. Autumn came down on the street as a veil of gold and yellow, a vibrant blanket that shifted and yawned with the wind.

I looked at Ian and struggled with painful memories. He was older and I knew he matured by how his face was set; this young man would never bully a person again. Something in his eyes reflected…

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a good story | creative writing link-up #1

a good story | creative writing link-up #1

Not all good stories have to be long.

We all have that scratch pad of incomplete thoughts, sleepy words that never exceeded one page. I’ve been looking for a place to share my own thoughts, and I hope you’ll join me.


- Make sure to leave feedback on other links shared. With encouragement, you could break Writer’s Block and help make a paragraph into a story.
– Keep it PG-13.
– Post one…

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Jane Eyre

Reader, I married him. I finished Jane Eyre last night and made it to that famous line…it feels like I’ve checked off a major title and I can really say I love classics now.

Jane Eyre

Reader, I married him. I finished Jane Eyre last night and made it to that famous line…it feels like I’ve checked off a major title and I can really say I love classics now.

introducing an illustrator

Meet Samantha, a dear friend and sister of mine who lives in Idaho (except somehow we’ve never met.) She’s gifted with art.

Recently she’s discerning illustration as a big thing in her life. In fact, that started around the time I messaged her asking to help with the advertising. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

She’s been sketching some scenes from the book, and though none are finished to show…

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#books #reading

#books #reading

#WIPpet Wednesday: not enough time

#WIPpet Wednesday: not enough time

Oh hey, it’s August. December is in five months. So I’m an awkward mix of HELP I’M RUNNING OUT OF TIME and SO MUCH TIME, I’VE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. The lovely Kate (read her book!) has helped me learn tons about the journey–but decisions are still daunting.

I’m excited.

And grateful.

And maybe panicking just a little.

Thank goodness WIPpet Wednesdayis still here. It’s so much fun to choose…

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to harness poetry


I’ve been reading and writing poetry this month, meaning to post one a day…but I write poems and forget about them.

Poetry just comes so quietly–at least, it does to me. I jot it down and don’t remember for hours, sometimes even days.

But I feel like it’s naturally going to escape.

Poetry seems like the heart sighing–in relief, grief, or loneliness–and that takes shape in something without…

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Primavera a orillas del rio. from Manuel Gracia on Vimeo.

Cualquier epoca del año es parfecta para disfrutar en el rio, mas en primavera este nos opcequia con el resurgir de infinidad de plantas y animales.
Filmado en las provincias de, Sevilla y Jaen, España.
Filmado con CANON 60D.

day 1 - silence

day 1 – silence

my silence is rarely bliss

in my world silence is
& discord


if words can’t come together
to express what’s inside

when sound will quickly shatter me
without a place to hide.

when life has been too noisy
and left my soul afraid

then no communication
can properly be made–

my silence is rarely bliss,
so choose your quiet well.

I may just need your friendly words
to once more…

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Heather Says:

I have a beta reader named Heather. (Who had an epic summer and went to Spain. Visit her blog here!)

There should be more beta readers like her in the world. I’m so lucky that she’s agreed to read through my manuscript three times, and is willing to do a fourth.

Also I’m really glad she likes the book, too, which means she’s able to appreciate the characters almost as much as I do.

Usually what…

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WIPpet Wednesday: windsong

WIPpet Wednesday, hosted by K. L. Schwengel, is a link-up in which we post an excerpt somehow related to the day’s date. Join here!

I am so close to finishing Book 2. But I don’t know if I want to call it Elegy anymore. Somewhere in the process of writing, it became more about a song–specifically, the Windsong–and how such a song can save the world. I suppose I’m not in a hurry to name the second…

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Grandma and I accidentally matched today

Grandma and I accidentally matched today

dolphins, mermaids, & ampersands

dolphins, mermaids, & ampersands

“When this is done, I’m going to go swimming and relax. Become a dolphin.” –me

“Or a mermaid?” –Rachel

“Or that. But dolphins just seem happier.” –me

These conversations happen during NaNoWriMo time.

I really hate first drafts. Sometimes I just want to print it all out and burn it, but how will that help me finish the draft? Everything just seems so broken and messy. I haven’t written something…

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